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Building on a recognized expertise to enhance profitability
Making a difference through creativity and agility

Plan A Capital actively supports its clients and partners in the development, financing and execution of power and infrastructure projects, and in the creation of deal flow in these sectors.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Plan A Capital was established in 2014 by a team of executives who accomplished successful transactions for the investment division of a large integrated engineering firm and for independent power producers. They had fulfilled key leadership roles in the development, nonrecourse financing, execution and acquisition of projects in the infrastructure and power sectors, and in the establishment, funding and management of an investment fund.

The main objective of Plan A Capital is to build on our team’s track record as sponsors of large projects. Plan A Capital brings a different and independent perspective to a limited number of clients and partners, either as an extension of their deal teams or in a focused financial advisory role. Our practice includes project financing, financial modeling, deal flow sourcing, project development and transactions.

Target Projects

Target Projects

The focus of Plan A Capital aligns with our team’s track record by targeting projects with relatively predictable cash flows allowing to secure nonrecourse project financing.

Our expertise is most relevant to the following types of projects:

  • Take-or-pay power generation: wind, solar, hydro, biomass, gas-fired facilities;
  • Infrastructure concessions and public-private partnerships: social buildings, transportation projects (e.g. airports, ports, roads, bridges) and water treatment facilities;
  • Selected commercial ventures: regulated electricity & gas, data centres, merchant generating facilities and facilities generating carbon credits.

Our team has worked on projects located in most Canadian jurisdictions, in the United States, in Europe, in the Middle East and in Latin America, including Mexico, Chile and Peru.

Landmark Deals

Landmark Deals

Plan A Capital was financial advisor to the sponsor of the landmark 230 MW Niagara Region Wind Farm, one of the largest financing consented to a windfarm in Canada. Six mandated lead arrangers and bookrunners provided a total of C$825 million, consisting of a construction loan that will convert into an 18-year amortizing loan and a letter of credit facility. A portion of C$252 million of the facilities is covered by a guarantee offered to the lenders by the Federal Republic of Germany through its Export Credit Agency Euler-Hermes. The project reached financial close in the fourth quarter of 2016 and was announced through a press release on November 2nd, 2016.

Please contact Plan A Capital directly for non-confidential information relating to current and past mandates.

What Differentiates Plan A Capital


Plan A Capital combines individual expertise in the development, investment, acquisition, CAPEX estimation, financial assessment, financing, construction and management of infrastructure and power projects. Our team members have created significant value and are recognized as such thanks to the central role they played in projects ranging from ten million to one billion plus deals. Regardless of project size, we particularly understand the risks, transactional sequence and drivers of success from early stage development to operations. Please refer to the Services section for more details.

Transactional Creativity

The creativity of Plan A Capital stems from our team’s transactional experience, open-mindedness and unbiased independent approach. Given the maturity of the power generation and infrastructure sectors, creativity is sometimes necessary and always desirable. As a result, our team has structured projects featuring joint-ventures, limited partnerships, general partnerships, export financing, investment fund entities, mezzanine financing, capital leases, rated bonds, and hybrid financing. This demonstrated diversity has played a key role to win tenders, mitigate risks, reduce the impact of taxes and enhance profitability.


The track record of Plan A Capital and our team, from leading early stage development to financing and executing projects, constitutes the basis of our integrated approach. While the focus of typical financial advisors is often limited, Plan A Capital can support a project at t 0, while suggesting corrective actions for deficient decisions taken at t-1 and optimising current decisions affecting t+1. The benefits of understanding relationships between development, project financing and execution are numerous, including better risk mitigation, optimised operations, increased supplier competition, better negotiating leverage and favourable financing terms.

Project Financing & Financial Modeling

Financing & Modeling by Plan A Capital

Plan A Capital builds on the financing and transactional experience of its team to perform or support the following activities:

  • Develop robust financial models for all project phases from feasibility studies to financial close;
  • Secure and update macroeconomic & financial assumptions with data available on Bloomberg;
  • Identify, contract and manage lenders’ independent advisors;
  • Support all aspects of due diligence processes, including report review;
  • Elaborate or assess various financing, commercial and legal structures considering taxation;
  • Draft confidential information memorandums;
  • Perform market sounding with multiple lending sources and elaborate requests for indicative proposals;
  • Elaborate and negotiate term sheets and credit agreements;
  • Design hedging strategies and assist derivatives price setting;
  • Support financial closing and all related activities;
  • Secure indicative and final credit ratings from agencies;
  • Perform sophisticated analysis (including Monte Carlo) to facilitate decision-making process and risk analysis.

Development & Deal Flow

Development and Deal Flow - Plan A Capital

Plan A Capital builds on the project development experience of its team to perform or support the following activities:

  • Identify and approach potential development partners, equity sources as well as acquisition targets;
  • Advise on or manage activities related to early stage development;
  • Conduct feasibility studies including preliminary financial assessments and benchmarking;
  • Elaborate sponsors’ financial models and budgets;
  • Conduct CAPEX estimates, audits and cost controls;
  • Participate to various types of tenders;
  • Engage sponsors’ consultants and suppliers;
  • Negotiate initial agreements with development or funding partners;
  • Negotiate terms sheets for procurement, construction, operation & maintenance and financing.

Equity & Transactions

Equity & transactions - Plan A Capital

Plan A Capital builds on the transactional experience of its team to perform or support the following activities:

  • Lead or support acquisitions, including due diligence;
  • Negotiate and close material agreements for construction, operations and financing;
  • Structure and hire execution and operations teams;
  • Manage portfolios of assets;
  • Issue investment recommendations, addressing risks and mitigation strategies;
  • Negotiate and close agreements between sponsors;
  • Creating, structuring, funding and managing entities involved in unlisted equity funds;
  • Creating and operating financial models for multi-asset funds;
  • Review scope change orders and claims, including their basis of estimation and financial impacts.

Model Review

At Plan A Capital, we believe that there are several benefits and reasons to perform third party review of financial models:

  • Ensure accurate results to support decision making;
  • Enhance credibility of financial analysis and recommendations presented to top management, board of directors or other stakeholders;
  • Mitigate the financial risk associated with financial modeling when executing a major transaction or bidding into a competitive process;
  • Satisfy compliance and audit department requirements or other internal or external requirements.

Plan A Capital benefits from a seasoned team with experience across multiple industries. Our team of five experts, which cumulates 85 years of relevant industry track-record can review:

  • Models used for reporting purposes, including impairment testing;
  • Models used for budgeting and forecasting (FP&A);
  • Various financial assessments;
  • Transactional models for M&A transactions or project financing;
  • Technical models involving the assessment of revenues, operating expenditures or capital expenditures.

When performing a third-party financial model review, Plan A Capital’s expert team will perform and support the following:

  • Validate that the model has been constructed appropriately using appropriate logic and mathematics;
  • Ensure that the model produces cash flows that are materially consistent with the assumptions listed in the financial model;
  • Confirm that the model follows an internal logic and that its formulas are materially sound, correct and internally consistent and, based on the assumptions made, produce accurate results that can be relied upon;
  • Confirm that the model contains formulas that are consistent across all time periods, and that any instances of deviation or hard coding within the formulas do not materially compromise model integrity;
  • Test if the model allows assumptions changes to flow correctly and logically;
  • Provide a detailed actionable list of findings that is properly categorized to facilitate prioritising and implementing recommended modifications;
  • Identify the impact of each of our proposed modifications on your results;
  • Support the implementation of recommended modifications to models;
  • Provide a list of suggestions to increase the model’s quality.


David Robitaille

Managing Partner

Co-founder and managing partner of Plan A Capital, David is an experienced investment professional cumulating more than a decade of transactional and advisory track record applied to infrastructure projects, including P3s (social, transportation) and power projects (conventional and renewables). He speaks English and French and has worked on projects located in Canada, USA, Europe and Africa.

For Plan A Capital, David provides transactional and financial advisory services to various clients involved in the infrastructure and power asset classes. More specifically, he manages and participates in the following: evaluating the financial feasibility of projects, developing robust and flexible financial models, performing due diligence and negotiating/raising equity and limited recourse financing. David played a key role in the 230 MW Niagara Region Wind Farm project by designing and operating a financial model used for raising $825M of non-recourse financing.

Prior to the establishment of Plan A Capital in 2014, David was Director, Investment for a Canadian developer of renewable projects from 2010 to 2014 where he held key responsibilities including the development of all financial models, supporting negotiations of key contracts, securing equity and nonrecourse financing, managing lenders’ advisors and securing credit enhancements. Most notably, he played a key role in the financing of the Vents du Kempt project and in the structuring, equity funding and management of a renewable investment fund, the Eolectric Club L.P. From 2007 to 2010, David held the position of Financial Analyst for SNC-Lavalin Capital where he developed several robust financial models, led the internal derivative pricing process and performed financial assessment of infrastructure, power and mining projects. At SNC, David was involved in multiple ground-breaking infrastructure projects, including the OSM Concert Hall in Montreal, the Puy-de-Dôme RackRail train in France and the MUHC Glen Campus hospital P3 complex in Montreal.

David holds a Master of Science in Administration (Finance-CPA, CGA profile) from the University of Sherbrooke and a Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance) from HEC Montreal obtained with distinction. David is a CFA charterholder and he also attended WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management in Germany.

Hugo Bouchard

Managing Partner

Co-founder and managing partner of Plan A Capital, Hugo Bouchard has a twenty-two year proven track record in the structuration, development, nonrecourse financing and acquisition of major projects. He led successful investments in infrastructure and power projects worth more than four billion dollars in aggregate. He speaks English, French and Spanish and worked on projects located in Canada, the USA, Mexico, Peru, Chile and France.

For Plan A Capital, Hugo has participated or managed more than two dozen mandates to support the development, acquisition or financing of infrastructure and power projects. His particular focus is on the design and implementation of innovative commercial arrangements and financial structures, including the design of an innovative lease-buyback structure and $825M financing of the 230 MW Niagara Region Wind Farm project. Prior to the establishment of Plan A Capital in 2014, Hugo was Chief Investment Officer and General Manager for a Canadian developer of renewable energy projects. He initiated out of his own initiative the creation of an investment fund, the Eolectric Club LP, raised its funding and acted as Key Person for the fund’s manager. He was responsible for the fund’s investments, including the acquisition of one project that was not in the market, and managing all aspects of the development, design, financing, execution and operations of Vents du Kempt Wind Power LP. Previously, Hugo was Vice-President, Investment for SNC-Lavalin where he managed a portfolio of direct investments in infrastructure and was responsible to structure, finance and execute new investments, including a successful health centre concession which secured the PFI Award of the year for North America. From 1994 to 2006, Hugo held the position of Director, Project Development for Innergex and various positions in Mexican and Canadian subsidiaries of Gaz de France.

In addition to his CFA designation, Hugo holds a Master in International Relations in economics, law and political sciences from Laval University. He has also held several board of directors’ positions in Canada and in Mexico.

Audrey-Anne Desaulniers

Advisor, Project development

Audrey-Anne has seven years of experience mainly in communications and project development. Her expertise includes community relations, public affairs and digital marketing. Over the past four years, she has focused on sectors related to the energy transition, notably by participating in the development of the battery industry in Québec, and more broadly, in the development of electric transportation.

Audrey-Anne worked at Investissement Québec where she contributed to the attraction and development of industrial battery projects. In the Centre-du-Québec region, she was responsible for building relationships with local communities and actively participated in the coordination efforts of the various regional stakeholders. She also provided strategic support in identifying the social and economic issues related to the implementation of these projects in various regions and, in response to some of them, she developed a province-wide strategy and communication tools.

She also has a good knowledge of the electric transport ecosystem, having worked at Propulsion Québec, the electric and intelligent transportation cluster. In addition, she has experience in the asset management field, having spent over three years at Fiera Capital as part of the corporate communications team responsible for media and investor relations.

Audrey-Anne holds a Master's degree in Communications and a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations from the Université du Québec à Montréal.

Martin Lefebvre

Partner & Senior Advisor, Project Assessment and Development

Martin Lefebvre has a considerable experience in the assessment, coordination and development of projects and new products, including the elaboration of complex financial models and coordinating teams in large organisations.

Martin started his career as a process engineer for a Canadian manufacturer before getting his master’s degree in finance. After completing his graduate degree, Martin continued his career at GE Capital as a strategic pricing analyst. Thereafter he worked for two of the largest telecommunication operators in Canada where he was in charge of financial modeling for product development and had to quantify operational impacts and capital investments while identifying financial and operational risks. Martin was also involved in several large public provincial and federal tenders having to coordinate between multiple internal stakeholders to ensure a timely submission while managing financial risks and competitiveness. He was also involved within integrated teams in multiple renewable energy transactions and bid submissions involving wind, solar and battery projects and performed financial assessment, validation of key assumptions, and transaction structuring.

Martin holds a Master of Science in Administration (Finance, Corporate Finance profile) from HEC Montréal and a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the University of Sherbrooke. Martin is fluent in English and French and lives in Montreal.

Denis Crevier

Affiliate, Strategic Advisor

Denis Crevier is a solution-oriented executive and lead advisor recognized for having structured investment platforms and led key transactions in the development, financing and management of multi-sector infrastructure projects in Canada and internationally.

As strategic advisor to Plan A Capital, Denis brings over 30 years of extensive experience in project financing, commercial structuring, sale and acquisition, fund raising and investment, with a proven track record in deal-making and portfolio management, coupled with field experience in the engineering and construction business.

From November 2011 to September 2019, Denis careered with SNC-Lavalin Capital, the project financing arm of the SNC-Lavalin Group. Over that period, Denis:

  • Acted as Senior Vice-President, Investment Management and headed the team responsible for the deal structuring, modeling, project financing and the co-management of a portfolio of assets valued in time at over CDN $5.0B in Canada, Europe and the Middle East.
  • Led the development, closing and ongoing management of a SNCL infrastructure fund dedicated to monetizing and managing 10 Canadian P3 Infrastructure assets, including light rail transportation systems, power generation facilities, hospitals and motorways.
  • Developed business plans and new financing strategies for the acquisition and development of renewable or decarbonized energy platforms in Canada, USA and Australia as well as the project financing of nuclear reactors in Canada and the UK.
  • Acted as CEO of the McGill Healthcare Infrastructure Group from 2014 to 2016, the project company responsible for the design, build, finance, operations and maintenance of the MUHC, Glen site project, a Canadian PPP, $1.2B healthcare complex located in Montreal.

Denis holds a Master of Laws in International Business Transactions from Harvard Law School, MA, USA. He is a member of the Bar of the Province of Quebec and a Bachelor of Laws from Sherbrooke University, Quebec.

Normand Bouchard

Affiliate, Construction & Operation

Normand Bouchard is a seasoned manager with more than 35 years of experience in electricity generation from renewable and natural gas sources. Normand’s recognised expertise lies in the development, design and construction of wind farms and thermal plants. He is an affiliate of Plan A Capital and currently provides advisory and execution services to support the company’s clients in the development, the execution and the operation of their projects. In recent years, Normand played a key role in the development, design, construction and operation of six wind farms totalling 700 MW (Vents du Kempt, Baie-des-Sables, Gros-Morne, Montagne-Sèche, l’Anse-à-Valleau and Carleton). He was also responsible for all technical aspects, contract negotiation and monitoring of the construction, commissioning and operation of the 25 MW Gazmont thermal power plant and the 175 MW Champion Project. Normand is based in Montreal.

Grégoire Merlaut

Affiliate, Project Financing

Gregoire counts more than a decade of project financing experience and has been responsible for securing and executing financing for large infrastructure projects. His expertise lies in financial risks analysis, designing optimal financing structure, conducting competitive tenders to select financing sources, negotiating and executing financial documents and coordinating due diligence and credit rating processes. Gregoire worked for seven years in the industry for SNC-Lavalin Capital, an integrated project developer, which led him to acquire a diversified experience covering public transit (light trains, bridges, tunnels, highways), social infrastructure (university and psychiatric hospitals, research center), industrial projects (rail maintenance facility, natural gas treatment facility) and power (refurbishment of a hydroelectric plant).

Gregoire also worked during three years as a consultant at PwC, where he advised public and parapublic entities on their procurement processes for major infrastructure projects, notably by comparing different delivery models (traditional, turnkey, P3) and by supporting all stages of the process, from establishing a business case to financial close.

Gregoire has a bachelor in business administration from HEC Montréal and attended Wirtshaft Universität Wien in Austria.

Philippe Poirier

Affiliate, Project Financing

Philippe Poirier has over 30 years of experience in construction management, engineering studies, project and corporate financing, risk analysis, and financial modeling.

He started his career as an engineer in the mining industry, where he managed construction and environmental projects. He then moved to the engineering firm SNC-Lavalin (now AtkinsRéalis), as a project manager and then director of environmental and feasibility studies, leading projects in Canada and internationally. Following the completion of a MBA in Finance at HEC Montreal, he joined SNC-Lavalin Capital, where he structured and successfully closed project financing for Public-Private Partnership projects. During this period, he was a member of the board of directors of Ambatovy, a $7 billion nickel mine and refinery in Madagascar.

Mr. Poirier then moved to Innergex, a renewable energy producer, where he led corporate and project financing for hydro, solar and wind projects, closing for over $2 billion in financing. During the past five years, he was senior manager of business analysis at Rio Tinto Aluminium, advising the investment committee on major projects and strategic decisions in the energy and aluminium sectors.

Lawrence Murphy

Affiliate, Renewable Energy and Storage

Affiliate, Renewable Energy and Storage, Lawrence Murphy has 15 years of progressive experience in the assessment, development, engineering, management, construction and operations of renewable energy projects and enabling technologies, including energy storage. Lawrence has a proven ability to provide high value insight and strategic advice to projects. His expertise is rooted in experience acting in central roles through the entire project execution life cycle.

Lawrence has held significant design engineer, project engineer, engineering manager, project manager, construction quality, development consultant and operational optimization consultant positions for constructed projects throughout North America and further abroad. He has demonstrated his ability to provide technical and contractual solutions to maximize project returns in the development, engineering, construction and operational phases of projects. He has leveraged his comprehensive project implementation experience in leading independent/lender’s engineer mandates for multiple projects.

A desire to be involved in innovative clean energy solutions has driven Lawrence to pursue improved returns on operating assets for clients through the assessment of innovative project operating structures and energy storage solutions.

A Professional Engineer with a speciality in electrical engineering, Lawrence is currently licensed in Alberta and Nova Scotia and sits on the Sustainability Committee for Engineers Nova Scotia. His unique blend of technical and management expertise makes him ideally suited to support Plan A’s value-added service offering.

Gabriel Lesur

Financial Analyst

Gabriel worked during two years as a financial analyst for a petrochemical subsidiary of TotalEnergies in Paris after a first experience at the company’s Direction of Strategy. His responsibilities allowed him to work on the modelling of world oil consumption forecasts and to realise several economic studies on the mobility sector. Gabriel then worked in Montreal for Indigo, a parking operator, where he contributed to the firm’s growth through acquisitions and submissions to competitive tenders. As a result, Gabriel has acquired financial modelling skills for long-term infrastructure assets and a strong knowledge of non-residential real estate.

Gabriel has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from SciencesPo Paris and attended the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia.

Gérard Mounier, Adm.A.

Affiliate, Finance, Infrastructure & Energy

Gérard Mounier is a specialist in the financing of infrastructure and renewable energy projects. Graduated from ISG International Business School (Paris, France) and member of the Order of Chartered Administrators of Quebec, Gérard began his career in the banking sector, where he held various positions in the fields of corporate financing, internal audit and risk management, within major institutions such as Crédit Lyonnais, Société Générale Canada, RBC Royal Bank, BNP Paribas Canada, Laurentian Bank and Caisse Centrale Desjardins.

He then held the position of Strategic Advisor and co-Head of the Infrastructure Group at Lavery Lawyers. In 2020, he became President and CEO of GNR Québec Capital, with the mandate to launch the first Quebec private equity fund exclusively dedicated to financing renewable natural gas projects in Eastern North America.

In addition to his extensive experience in commercial and corporate financing for companies of all sizes and in all sectors of activity, Gérard Mounier has developed specific expertise in the field of infrastructure and energy project financing, as well as industrial and mining projects. In total, Gérard Mounier has more than forty project financings to his credit, all sectors combined. Gérard Mounier now offers his services as a consultant in project development and debt or equity financing. Gérard Mounier is a member of the Board of Directors of the Infrastructures Council, he is also a Director and Treasurer of the Cercle de la finance internationale de Montréal, and finally Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nergica.

Denis Gagnon

Affiliate, Regulated Assets & Power

Denis Gagnon brings to Plan A Capital more than thirty-five years of experience in a large regulated utility and in the private sector. Denis has a broad expertise in infrastructure & power, including renewable energy, electricity transmission and natural gas transportation, as well as commercial and industrial development. Denis played a key role in the following sample achievements:

  • Implementation of Hydro-Quebec’s Open-Access transmission system, and management of all short-term and long-term transmission contracts related to Hydro-Quebec’s interconnection system;
  • Implementation and management of Hydro-Quebec’s first tender to procure electricity from independent power producers;
  • Negotiation and management of material contracts to build and operate a large wind farm project.

Denis, an affiliate of Plan A Capital, provides advisory and execution services in infrastructure & power, including strategic analysis, development, assessment of rates and tariffs, due diligence, regulatory issues, contract management and negotiations with suppliers and other stakeholders. Denis holds both a Bachelor and a graduate degree in Economics.

Nick Fedorkiw

Affiliate, Regulatory Affairs & Business Development

Nick has been working in the energy sector for over 10 years. Based in Vancouver, Nick provides regulatory and strategy advice across the energy industry. He has worked on projects in the wind, biomass, and hydrogen sectors. He previously worked as a senior project developer and regulatory strategist for a global renewable energy firm based in London, UK. In this role, he was involved in the development of over 6 GW of offshore wind and associated transmission assets. Nick also has extensive public sector experience working for both Finance Canada as a tax policy economist and for the Treasury Board of Canada as a policy advisor.

Nick holds a B.A. in economics from Queen’s University and an M.A. in economics from the University of Toronto.

As an affiliate of Plan A Capital, Nick supports the origination and development of projects in his areas of expertise from Vancouver, B.C. where he is based.

Dominik Boudreault Lapierre

Advisor, Communication and Project Development

Dominik is a communications and project management professional. Through his professional and academic career, he has developed an expertise in strategic communication, public affairs and social acceptability, particularly for the sectors that are key to Quebec's energy transition.

Dominik worked at Investissement Québec, where he contributed to the design and implementation of the Corporation's public affairs strategy, in addition to coordinating relations with the media and government authorities, including the office of the Minister of Economy, Innovation and Energy (MEIE). He has also been closely involved in several strategic projects related to renewable energies, natural resources and the battery sector. Previously, Dominik worked at a pan-Canadian firm specializing in business strategy, public relations and integrated communications. He has assisted various organizations in the financial, energy, battery and natural resources sectors in the development and implementation of their communications and public affairs strategies. Throughout his professional career, he has advised many companies in the management of their public affairs issues as well as in their relations with their stakeholders.

Dominik is a master's candidate in communication at the Université du Québec à Montréal and holds a bachelor's degree in public relations from the same university. His dissertation focuses on the public space communications surrounding mining projects that are part of Quebec's energy transition as well as the influence of these communications on the social acceptability of projects within local communities.

Michel Tremblay

Affiliate, Power Contracts & Regulatory Affairs

Strategic advisor in the energy sector, Michel Tremblay specializes in electric power marketing and regulatory affairs. His work experience encompasses over 30 years in professional and managerial positions within Hydro-Québec and its subsidiaries, and over 10 years as an independent consultant.

Michel worked in strategic planning, business plan writing and contract negotiation in a variety of contexts, from power generation to interconnection studies and load supply. He has a broad expertise in wholesale power markets, electric system reliability and regulatory affairs (Canadian and American).

Michel is a Professional Engineer (Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec) and Certified Corporate Director (Collège des administrateurs de sociétés).

Advisory Committee

Ludovic Dumas

Ludovic Dumas is based in Montréal and is a member of the Advisory Committee of Plan A Capital. He is also Director, Direct Investments at a leading Canadian single family office. He is responsible for sourcing and evaluating potential investment opportunities, overseeing due diligence, and portfolio monitoring. Direct equity participations currently include holdings in technology, food, entertainment, renewable energy, and real estate, among others.

Prior to joining the family office, Ludovic worked in the investment banking department of CIBC where he provided financial and strategic advice to businesses and was involved in a broad range of transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, corporate sales and divestitures, and financings. Ludovic previously worked at Deloitte Consulting where he completed a wide range of management consulting mandates. He started his career in the investment banking department of ING Group in Frankfurt.

He holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from HEC Montreal where he graduated with Distinction. He is a CFA charterholder and he also attended WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management in Germany.

Jean-François Thibodeau, CPA-CA/MBA

Débutant en Janvier 2020, Jean-François Thibodeau deviendra le président du Comité consultatif de Plan A Capital. Jean-François s’est bâti une solide expérience en finance, stratégie corporative, fusions et acquisitions, comptabilité de sociétés publiques, fiscalité et relation aux investisseurs.

De 2003 à 2019, M. Thibodeau a été Vice-président et Chef de la direction financière de Boralex Inc. Préalablement, il a agi comme Vice-président et Trésorier chez CAE Inc. (2001-2003), Trésorier au sein du Groupe Transcontinental (1999-2001) et a exercé différentes fonctions corporatives et de contrôles pour Provigo entre 1989 et 1999.

M. Thibodeau a été un acteur clé dans la croissance et les succès de Boralex. Au cours de son mandat, il a été directement impliqué dans le développement et la réalisation de la stratégie d’entreprise, notamment comme responsable de l’analyse financière et du financement pour plus de 2000 mégawatts (« MW ») de puissance. Conséquemment, l’équipe a levé plus de 5G$ en capital-actions, dettes corporatives et de projets, ainsi qu’en débentures convertibles. Boralex développe, construit et exploite des sites de production d'énergie renouvelable au Canada, en France, au Royaume-Uni, et aux États-Unis. Parmi les leaders du marché canadien et premier acteur indépendant de l'éolien terrestre en France, Boralex détient plus de 2000 MW de puissance installée dans 4 technologies (éolien, hydroélectricité, thermique et solaire).

M. Thibodeau est membre de l’Ordre des Comptables Professionnels Agréés du Québec depuis 1982 et détient un MBA en Finance et Stratégie Corporative de HEC Montréal.

François Dépelteau

François Dépelteau is based in Montreal and is a member of the Advisory Committee of Plan A Capital. He is a civil engineer and has a master’s degree in project management. Mr. Dépelteau has more than 35 years of experience in the building sector, with a focus on project management, property management, facility management and marketing of real estate properties. He occupied management roles in companies with both national and international exposure, and he is a pioneer in the development of infrastructure and facility management in Canada. Mr. Dépelteau worked on the development of several prestigious office and industrial buildings in Canada. Numerous building projects were realised under his management or supervision, including offices, hospitals, commercial and industrial and laboratories.

Mr. Dépelteau was President and CEO for 15 years of ENGIE Services Inc., a subsidiary of Groupe ENGIE which operates and maintains technical installations in various type of buildings, servicing more than 25 million square feet in North America. He successfully established ENGIE’s participation in the airport systems operation and maintenance activities, as well as in the incorporation of PPP’s around Canada and the United States. Mr. Dépelteau is actively involved with professional associations, as well as with community and charitable organisations.


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